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  1. Bee


    Aw, thank you. It's good to find it, finally.
  2. What kind of laptop do asexuals use? Acer. Confession: I am ace and I have this computer. I am a pun. And proud.
  3. Stand in the Rain by Superchick has probably been my jam for the longest time.
  4. Bee

    Hogwarts Houses!

    I choose to be in Hufflepuff. And I think Demeter would make the most sense for me.
  5. I personally never understood the phrase "just friends". From what I knew of friendship, basically that it's the family you choose to have, I couldn't imagine anything MORE than that. Maybe that should've been a tip-off that I'm aro ace, but instead I've just come to decide that they're all different kinds of love that aren't more or less or even comparable to each other. It's like asking if a hot dog or a hamburger is a better sandwich: you could argue either way, but there isn't really a right answer (in my opinion).
  6. For a long time, I couldn't understand how I didn't want to date or have sex with someone, but I did want to spend time with, touch, and look at them. Then I found out about the five types of attraction and things made more sense.
  7. The way I see it, if you're not sure you've felt it, you probably haven't. I hear it's pretty unmistakable. Any Matrix fans here? Cuz being the One is like being in love: no one can tell you you are; you just know it, through and through. That's how I think of attraction. That's how I worked out I feel platonic and aesthetic and sensual attraction, but not sexual or romantic. I can't explain it to people, but some stuff is just there, and some stuff just isn't. As an aro ace, hit me up if you'd like . Cuz I'm the opposite: I came into my ace identity sooner and more easily than my aro one, which I'm still figuring out. Whatever you decide, I'm here.
  8. When it comes to other people, I don't really see it as my business unless it starts affecting me. When it involves me...I'm actually kinda touch starved. I don't know if I give off a "don't touch me" vibe, but people just don't physically interact with me. I think the people who know I'm aro/ace figure I wouldn't welcome it, but for the people I haven't offcially come out to, apparently I still seem unapproachable. Which is upsetting, because I've been craving physical affection lately for the comfort, and I can't get it. I've told people my problem above, and they don't take the hint. I don't feel comfortable asking outright because I figure if they haven't offered by now, then they wouldn't be comfortable doing it. I tried asking my sister if we could hold hands more, and she told me she doesn't like doing it in public because people might think we're together. I have one friend only who has consistently given me hugs since I told him this, and he's GREAT about it. I want hugs, holding hands, proximity. I crave intimacy, which really confused me when I realized I identify as ace/aro. It seemed incompatible until I discovered the other three types of attraction: sensual, platonic, aesthetic. So now I know why I want to touch, befriend, and look at certain people without wanting to be romantically or sexually
  9. I didn't realize that was something that would need a label. I do that, often. Do some people not do stuff on their own?
  10. Chemistry is something I recognize but can't describe. Which is funny, because I guess that's kinda like what describing romantic/sexual attraction to an aro/ace person is like. LOL
  11. I want to raise kids, but I'm not comfortable with sex. And I haven't had luck with relationships other than platonic or familial. As in, I have never had a romantic or sexual relationship, and for a long time I assumed that was necessary if I wanted to marry someone. I think I may adopt, because I like the idea of making someone else's life better. Maybe siblings, because I hear they're harder to place in homes. Maybe I'd be a foster parent. But I do know I'd like a partner to do it with because I think the stability of a two-parent household would be good for the kids. I haven't had any luck finding someone to do it with though, hypothetically.
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