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  1. Well, I relate on the marriage part, I specially hated when my grandma went like:''you just think that because you are a kid, you will change your mind when you are older'' or ''you just think that because you think no one is able to love you, you have low self-esteem''. Ugh, no I want to be loved but not that way. By the way, I enjoy other people being happy in their relationships and fictional ships too, as long as physical affection, I just don't get the difference between a very close friendship and a romantic partner excepting the sex part but since I'm not ace or sexually repulsed t
  2. You know... I'm a weird person. I can like or learn to enjoy romantic movies (as long as they aren't flat cheesy lovey dovey things), specially because my mom is super romantic and I watched a lot of those with her; but all feels icky to me. For example, I love fictional ships, I like to experiment how two or more characters (any gender) could interact in certain situations, their dynamics and, of course, physical contact + affection. Buuuut, I'm not really sure I see them in a romantic light. The thing is that romantic people sees physical affection and even sex always with pink col
  3. Well, technically my preference is ''bisexuality'' in terms of SEXuality, but people tends to lump sexual and romantic attraction together. This is why people tends to assume you must be also ace if you are aromantic by default. Or that you are ''picky'' or [insert bad mental diagnosis here] if you don't like a romantic relationship while feeling sexual attraction towards people. Notice how the key is romanticism, not some sort of close affection. Yes, it's an umbrella term or label, but you see labels and terms everywhere, they are necessary sometimes and the existence of one doe
  4. Oh god, the love triangles The most pointless and annoying thing in a romantic drama. My mother loved these and I had to swallow them all the time. I remember I was like totally uninterested and I got pissed off when people assumed ''Hollywood love can be real, because they saw it on a movie''. Movies are fictional, getting hope something irl will happen is weird for me. But with love triangles I was like:''why can't they stop fighting for each other and live together like special friends?'' Yes, this may look like polyamory, but actually its not. Because for me friendship
  5. Thanks, I know (sorry, I am late because I forgot about my password and the account, I don't tend to visit this forum so often). You would get surprised how many times I saw this, even people wanting to ''drop the b'' in our community, because ''we aren't gay enough, we are fakers''. But I found some people with similar non heteronormative points of view and now I'm more comfortable. Each day I'm more and more convinced I'm aro. I kinda confessed it to one of my friends (others are hopelessly romantic and it would be like explaining barks to a cat). They were like ''But weren't you b
  6. Lately, I'm more and more convinced that I'm alloaro. I never understood romantic love, like... never. I know you can't 'understand' emotions,but for me, sexual attraction was correlated with affection, but not ROMANTIC affection. I'm fed up of some people calling us ''heartless monsters'', ''players'','' cowards that are scared of commitment''. Because, people that knows me are very conscious that I'm one of the most loyal people over here. I'm always down for communication and listen to people,just not romantic feelings. All this time I tried to 'fit it', to feel comfortable around rom
  7. My mother told me that when I was 5 or something, a boy my age tried to grab me by my hand because he liked me. And, although he managed to do it in the end, I was more interested in whatever was around me than in him. I even tried to ran away but he was grabbing me pretty hard. My mother knew there was something ''different'' in me. According to her, all women in our family liked the idea of dating from a very very early age and I'm the exception, always indifferent. I'm happy for having an understanding family, but explaining things to foreign people is difficult. They assume I will change.
  8. Then you are like me, bisexual aromantic probably. I'm still figuring out, but I get so pissed when people tells me that ''getting a romantic partner will solve all my problems'', specifically when I'm feeling vulnerable due to cycling hormonal changes. I always felt like being repulsed by dating made me an immoral weirdo, but I have no problem with knowing people, but if it's a formal date I shrink into my hole and I don't leave home. I was thinking about going to a sex doctor, I have too much pressure to be ''normal'' and I wanna know if this romantic repulsion is okay or should I be fixed.
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