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  1. I noticed there wasn't a thread about this anywhere, and I need a place to talk. Now, I've had relationships before, all of them before I knew my place on the aromantic spectrum, so all of them were traditional romantic relationships. But now, I'm getting involved with a friend I've known for years, and I'm not entirely sure how defining this relationship will go. My friend is polyamoros (I probably spelled that wrong) and I fully support him, but not having anything defined kinda drives me nuts because I like to have things defined so I can act in an appropriate manner. I think that something
  2. I just got my white ring! Decided to use an arrow ring because of the double meaning. (I also have an ace ring on my other hand)
  3. I'm from the US, specifically southern California.
  4. Coraline for sure. It still terrifies me.
  5. I'm new, but aren't we all if we're in the introductions? I'm 19 and pretty sure I'm aroace, or at least on the aroace spectrum. I've had romantic relationships before, but any feelings eventually faded, longest they've lasted is about a year. I've heard about aromanticism being a thing but never thought to apply it to myself until just over a month ago. Really glad to find out that i'm not heartless for my feelings fading/me not being sure if they were there to begin with, and excited to make some friends that can understand!!!!!!!!
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