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  1. One of the things that I enjoy is hearing a really good song for the first time, one of those songs that manages to trigger emotions and gives you shivers Another thing is eating foods for the first time. I was allergic to a lot of things as a kid and there are some (in my country) standard foods that I have never tried. There is something wonderful about tasting something for the first time and my friends looking at me excited to see what I think of it
  2. Yeah probably but I guess I still had hope hahaha I really like your compilation!
  3. My roommate's boyfriend bought her flowers for valentine's day which is cute and all but I am having an allergic reaction to them. What an aro mood

  4. I would maybe get married under the right circumstances but I do not want kids
  5. Idk if this has been said yet, but Will from stranger things is totally aro (although the show might make him gay). And I totally agree with Elsa and Merida! Rn I'm watching Vikings and maybe Athelstan could be aro, but I have only watched the first 1.5 season so that might still change
  6. I would also like to be in a fwb type of situation, but with actually being friends. I have tried dating apps for this but the idea of romance lurking in the dark made it a very uncomfortable experience for me. The main problem with fwb would be that I would be replaced with a romantic partner for the other as @Mark said. I guess that I would also be open to one night stands, but I would have to feel completely comfortable with the other person.
  7. I think I mostly crave a deep emotional connection with someone, but not in a romantic way. Something I also struggle with is that I will probably never be someones most important person, because that is usually also reserved for romantic partners. For those two reasons I would perhaps want a commited relationship, but I think I would be to uncomfortable in a romantic relationship. A qpr would be perfect for me I think
  8. I first came across the term 'aromantic' in 2016, but I did not think that it applied to me. I sort of rediscovered the term in 2018 and I started to see how well the term fit me.
  9. Hi, I hope you find some awesome new friends here and that you can come to terms with being aro!
  10. Hi and welcome to Arocalypse!
  11. I have never been in a relationship but I have been asked on dates. I used to get sort of excited when people asked me on dates, because I felt like that meant that I was doing something right. But I always cancelled the dates because even the idea of it made me so incredibly uncomfortable that I just could not go through with it.
  12. Hi and welcome to Arocalypse! I hope you meet some awesome people
  13. Welcome to Arocalypse! I hope you have a great time on here
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