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aromantic LGB people


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I've just realized that I haven't heard enough perspectives from aro LGB people.


So, some questions.


What's it like being aro LGB in the mainstream LGBT movement? Do you feel a part of that movement, or do you feel left out?


Do you think aro LGB people get hit with more or a different flavor of homophobia/biphobia than alloromantic LGB people?


How much do you think aro LGB people, aro aces and aro heterosexuals are treated similarly or differently by society?


Do you see yourself as experiencing more homophobia/biphobia, arophobia, or both? Do you see those as distinct types of discrimination in your experience, or do you think they're inextricably linked in your experience?


Do you generally see yourself as having more in common with alloro LGB people or aro heterosexual people? Or neither?


Any other thoughts?

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For me, personally, I ain't never felt left out of the movement. I've been a lesbian for like...ever (well, at least since I was 17 or so) It's always been a hugely important part of my identity, and a large part of my life revolves around my homosexuality. 


As for being aro? To be honest, I've never gotten shit from anybody. Gay or straight. Never really felt any different homophobia, treated any differently, etc. To be honest, 99% of the time I don't experience arophobia at all. The closest two scenarios I get are 
a) Family wanting to know when I'll do my female duty of producing spawn
b) Poly friends acting holier than thou saying "oh, but the whole point of polyamory is sharing ENDLESS LOVE" (blegh)


But yeah, I have nothing in common with arohets on this matter, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not too worried about being lumped with allogays.

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