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My blog entries for aromantic awareness week


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In case you didn't realize, this past week was aromantic awareness week. I decided to celebrate it by posting a blog entry about aromanticism every day for the whole week.



First, I shared the tale of how I came to realize that I'm aromantic. (This forum plays an important role in that story!)



Next, I have an angry rant about how we have to stop letting aphobes dictate aromantic and asexual discourse.



Third, I discussed the importance of non-romantic bonds, for both aromantic and alloromantic people.



Next, I talked about some of my relationships and how knowing that I'm aro has affected them.



Then I had a post theorizing about the intersection between aromanticism and polyamory.



Next, a rant about amatonormativity in the TV show Dexter.



And last, I wrote a links round-up of some other great contributions to arospec awareness week.

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