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Regarding our "Count to a Million" Forum Game


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The users of Arocalypse more prone to idling on the forums may be aware of this forum game that I started roughly seven months ago.  I thought that it might interest everyone to know that, since each page of the thread loads twenty-five posts, we are still on the correct number in spite of human potential for mistyping or trolling.  Furthermore, I would like to enlist the help of anybody able to help us reach our goal, as we are only 0.173% of the way to achieving our goal.  Not accounting for the growth of this forum, one can estimate that it will take us roughly three hundred and fifty-six years to hit one million.


Thanks in advance for your contributions!

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2 hours ago, Zemaddog said:

You obviously having been paying attention to it. There have been soooooooooooo many mistakes it's not even funny.

Somehow those mistakes have actually evened out to the correct value, then, as we're on the 24th post of page 67 and ((66*25)+24) is 1674, which you just posted.

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