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Tab for a cause and Goodblock


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Hey everyone~

Since it's giving Thursday tomorrow, Tab for a cause and goodblock will both donate extra $0.25 to charity if you join today or tomorrow.


In case you don't know, those are both apps for your browser, that will donate to charity for every time you open a new tab (It will display a tiny ad in the corner) or block ads and and maybe viewing one once a day or so~

They're both pretty great, so it'd be awesome if some of you would join~

@Kaiger Pufflehugs IV made a arocalypse group but we're currently still waiting for it to be approved. They'll post it, once that's done~


Tab for a cause




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http://tab.gladly.io/?r=7440 is my tab for a cause referral link! I will also donate to a charity of your choice. Thank you everyone who's willing to do this!


One correction to the original post: it is Giving Tuesday, not Giving Thursday; the .25 offer lasts until 2PM Wednesday PST, due to time zones.




Also, in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, I highly recommend people with spare money to check out charities to donate to; many have special offers going on now that won't last much longer!


For example, yesterday I donated to Mercy For Animals while they had an offer by Jeff Thomas to match my donation twice over, resulting in my donation's impact being tripled. I was able to make the happiest gift of my life so far; I was able to save over 3,000 animals yesterday. For those of you in the US worried about negative impacts of a Trump presidency, perhaps look into refugee aid charities, legal defense charities, and environmental charities, but make sure to do your research that your money is going somewhere where it will make a difference (as someone who has devoted a large portion of my life to learning about nonprofits and altruism, and who currently works on the youth board of one of the largest animal rights orgs in the world, I am willing to help with this if people want me to). I definitely suggest that everyone look into charities of their choice before Giving Tuesday offers end, so that your contributions can make a bigger difference in this world! Also, at least one charity, the Environmental Defense Fund, has chosen to extend the Giving Tuesday offers slightly. As I mentioned, it's always good to look at the charities you personally like. If you're not sure, I recommend looking at Animal Charity Evaluators (for animals) or GiveWell (for humans), and if you're looking for environmental charities then I suggest PMing me so I can give you some resources for charity evaluation of that!


There is also ecosia, a search engine you can use in opposition to traditional search engines like google and bing, which plants a tree for every search you make on it. So far, they've planted almost 6 million trees; you can increase this by getting ecosia at https://www.ecosia.org/. They aren't doing anything special for giving tuesday, but it's an important thing to mention in regards to helping charities for free online! There is also a daily button you can click at http://therainforestsite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/trs/home, but personally I'm sadly far too forgetful to use that like I do Ecosia, Tab for a Cause, or Goodblock. :rofl: Also, a "sister site" to the rainforest site supports Autism Speaks, known to be a very bad and kind of evil charity. Still, if it works for you, it's an option!


However, even if you cannot do these things, tab for a cause and goodblock can really help. In my year or so using these apps, I have gotten 13 years' worth of water to people who need it, just by doing my thing and browsing the internet in my free time. That's....it's such an incredible thing. I don't really have words for it other than "incredible".

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