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is my aro ace partner going to breakup with me?

Guest chinchillataxevasion


Guest chinchillataxevasion

i’m not aroace , but i am trans, my partner is trans . we are both neuro spicy ,we have a 5 year age difference, i am 30 they are 25. i am their first long term partner.

we have been steady for just about a year but we have been together for close two years. we have lived together for most of these past two years.

the past four months we have both been very busy , the stress of phases of college ending for each of us, the onslaught of work, finding new friends and trying to stick it through has been rough.

but we made it, though now that stress has been alleviated, i’ve noticed a few things,

they say i love you less directly since november 

i would say we are less intimate since december but we never really had too much sex which is fine 

we go out less since february, but like i said we have been really busy with work

texting and showering together less often but that might just be because we have been both so busy .

we have our squabbles but not too often and they usually go addressed or dismissed as no big deal which is fine for the most part

is this just an aro ace person having a moment of needed distance or a blip ?

or are these continuous signs of an on going issue?

this person is the light of my world and we do everything together and we are really in tune most of the time

like it’s just generally confusing because i don’t know if i m having anxiety for nothing or something because i’ve never dated an aroace person who might have different needs than me.


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