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If I'm aroflux can I call my relationship a qpr ?

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I am aromantic-flux and I was wondering if I were to be in a committed relationship based on a consistent platonic connection but there is romantic attraction sometimes is that still a QPR or should I find another term ?

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There could be other terms that I'm just not aware of, but in my opinion, I'd say that you can definitely call a potential relationship a QPR even if there's romantic attraction involved sometimes! QPRs are supposed to be liberating relationships that consist of non-normative feelings, relationship styles, or identities. You don't have to be aspec to have a QPR, nor do you even have to be queer, and sometimes romance (whether that be the action or the feeling) can be incorporated into these relationships. Being aroflux is just another beautiful part of the aspec community, and another sacred queer identity, and however you want to define a future relationship is entirely up to you and your partner(s). Some arofluxes may define their relationship as romantic when they do experience romantic attraction to their partner(s), and some don't at all and may still define as it was before. There's no need to sweat it though. Your identity, and any relationship you may or may not have, is valid and welcomed here, no matter how you want to define it; and if anyone says otherwise they're wrong.

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