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  2. I am aromantic-flux and I was wondering if I were to be in a committed relationship based on a consistent platonic connection but there is romantic attraction sometimes is that still a QPR or should I find another term ?
  3. That's awesome ! Hope you have a great time there !
  4. Nice ! I just got off mine frfr
  5. Silly grandma frfr :3 She sounds like an interesting person
  6. That's really cool :3
  7. I have become the stereotype aroace friend in my friend group helping all the others talking about dating I don't mind it I just find it funny
  8. Well we'll go on with it without you :c
  9. And Denmark Don't forget the conquest of Europe
  10. Oh oki :3 Glad we've made it past 100 frfr :3
  11. Sorry about rushing through before you could show up :p
  12. That's cool :3 Then again I'm pretty sure most non-english people just thinks everyone's South London
  13. Ooooooooooooo Nice :3 I have an awful accent in every language I speak
  14. Maybe learn a German accent so you can sound like Einstein ?
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