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Aro rant idk

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Honestly hate when I remember im aro, like there’s no reason i should be forgetting it because im fairly romance repulsed but also knee deep in denial and deep rooted shame about it. Idk why i feel gross about not wanting all the romantic stuff but it’s prom season so the shame is setting in and it doesn’t help that trying to build an art account requires mainly fanart that revolves around ships because it usually does the best. Idk i kinda just hate everything about it rn but I know it’ll pass eventually 

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If you're making fanart, please do as much non-ship fanart as you wish. It's impossible to find that kind of content.

For the main of it, I'm sorry you're experiencing shame about being aro. It's hard to function in times and places that put so much emphasis on romance and relationships, and the assumption that everyone wants those things. I hope it gets better for you.

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About your art account, you absolutely don't have to create art of something you don't want or especially are uncomfortable with, it literally isn't what art is about. Art is about expressing yourself and things that inspire and interest you. If you aren't comfortable with romantic art, don't do romantic art, forcing yourself will just end with forced and soulless works as well as with your emotional exhaustion. Doing art of things that actually interest you will be much more valuable for the world. Especially if it's about something not explored often by other artists (such as, like the commenter above said, non-ship art in some fandom spaces, and other kinds of rare topics). 

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