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Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg


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A bit of queer literature for people who are interested.

Covers topics like queer scene and the stone butch (lith) culture in the '60s-'70s America, trans and gender issues, sex workers' issues, minority politics, oppression, police violence, corrective rape and some ace-spec themes. Its pretty heavy stuff, so please make sure you are emotionally ready to read this. (If you would like, I can give you mored detailed trigger warnings).


Its the 20th anniversary of the books release, and  the author decided to make hir work available to download for free, from here.


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Ooh I've read this before! It's very good, but, yeah, very heavy. I highly recommend it if you're in a good emotional state, but.... can be very triggery, yes. but it's very powerful.


If anyone's interested in some more Queer Lit Online For Freeee, I'm going to throw out Nevada by Imogen Binnie, which is a book about being trans in modern America (from the liberal haven of NYC to rural Nevada). It primarily focuses on lesbian trans women, and a lot of it is about dissociation, struggles with selfhood, and being Totally In Denial. It's still kinda sad, and it doesn't really have a happy ending, but it's much lighter than Stone Butch Blues. You can read it here.


(If anyone has more FREE QUEER LIT please send links. I am in dire need of more.)

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Yeah!  I'd love a topic that acts as a repository for links/recommendations for books/ebooks/essays/etc. for free (or very low priced) with queer themes or characters.  I've been looking for fiction with canon ace, agender, or aromantic characters... and I'm looking for something a bit more challenging than YA stuff, which is sadly one of the very few places you can actually find canon ace, agender, or aromantic characters.  I have a great love for Victorian and Edwardian literature and the prolixity with which these types of books are written, and I'm not finding that in the YA arena, so the usual source of queer characters has been leaving me a bit cold.  Also, I am *really* not into anime, which seems to be the only other category that has embraced queer characters,


So yeah, a thread where people post their free/dirt cheap book, essay, ebook,, article, play script, etc recommendations is an awesome idea!

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