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Has anyone else ever had an existential crisis?


Existential crises?  

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1.5 months ago I had a genuine existential crisis. I felt sick from anxiety and wanted to cry because I'd just transitioned from childhood to constant responsibility and was freaking out because that's the rest of my existence. Not just "I can't do homework because nothing means anything," which I know people joke about. I was fucking scared to be frank. Now I'm just getting on with things; I've settled into 6th form and keep in touch with friends so everything's ok and now I just take every day as it comes and really look forward to holidays that involve family and travel. I do get the butterfly feeling more regularly than before but a lot of it is to do with current stuff and I'll cross the existential bridge when I get to it. But dear god that feeling is horrible and scary and then the deadlines of current life push in but I'm too tired to worry... I'll wait until after Christmas.

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nah not really, sorry that you are, I imagine it must be tough. I dunno what I could say about an existential crisis, to me existence is kind of self-intuitive. 


I guess in high school there was a moment where I was thinking about the meaning of life, and said, I guess life has no meaning, no wait that's not what I said. what I said was, the meaning of life is to perpetuate life, so the question of why life when there was not life before is kind of an odd one to give reason to, but once life exists it's obvious why life keeps existing. and at that point I was satisfied with existence. maybe I am simple minded lol. 

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