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Hi, I'm new here

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Hi, I've been lurking on this forum for about a year, never posting and never making an account because I was too scared of what getting involved in this community meant for me. I think I'm on the AroAce spectrum (not sure on specific labels) and I finally psyched myself up to make an account and post. So yeah, I guess I'm a baby aroace. I'll hopefully start posting on here often as I explore my identity more!

As you can probably tell by my display name, I adore acting. I'm a musical theatre fanatic, writer, and artist who's currently struggling to have time for my interests/hobbies with high school taking over my life. I hope I meet some new people like me and maybe make some friends.

Also I just have to say, I love all of the frog stuff on this site.:frog:πŸ’œ

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Welcome! Feel free to feel comfortable here. πŸ‘‹

Also, I love musical theatre too 🀝 (but maybe in kind of narrow parts, so cannot guarantee I'd be able to discuss all wider aspects of it) 

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I’m not too involved in the theatre community, but I do love raccoons!

Hope you enjoy this forum, it’s pretty cool πŸ‘

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