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it’s a dot! | v.1

organs and bone

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welcome to this silly little game

NO making the dot disappear. An example:
Person 1: I roll the dot into a Cinnamon Roll @
Person 2: I eat the dot
Person 1 is ok but Person 2 IS NOT

NO changing colors of the dot! Real post example:
Person 1: I change the dot to red .
Person 2: I change the dot to blue .

*changing the colour is okay for now. this may be changed*

NO making the dot into more than one thing. Another real post:
Person 1: I break off two parts of the dot and make it a sad face : (
Person 2: I tell a joke. The dot gets happy =D
Person 3: I trip the dot, making it bleed D=
Person 4: I relieve the dots miseries and turn it into a butterfly })i({
Although, I must admit, this is creative please do not do this.

Of course, the simple rules of NO DOUBLE POSTING and ONE ACTION PER POST!

If you saw anything in the other topic that you think shouldn't be done then please tell me!

Symbols to use: Any letters, any numbers, ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { [ } ] | \ : ; " ' < , > . ? / you can also use multiple symbols! Like breaking the dot in half could result to this: - -

Some ideas for posts:
Oh look! A dot! .
I stretch the dot _
I put the dot upright |
I try to curve the dot but a little piece falls off ?
I straighten the top part !
I smoosh it back together but it comes out a little jagged *
And so on. But remember, ONE ACTION PER POST

Oh look! A dot!


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