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how to reject somebody and/or participate as a single in Valentine’s Day without coming out

Guest Anonymous


Guest Anonymous

hey, 👋 

I’ve struggled with Valentine’s Day in the past with anxiety (mostly worried about getting asked out and saying yes because I’m too nice to say no )

and how to reject somebody (a friend or somebody I know) without coming out.

does anybody have any tips? 

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7 hours ago, Guest Anonymous said:

maybe just say ‘no thanks, I’m not wanting a relationship right now’

Seconding this, came here to say this exact thing. Or maybe something like "sorry, but I'm not interested..." anything like that, keeping it polite but vague works without having to tell people you're aromantic. If this happens, most people won't press you for any more reason, but if they do, it would be quite rude and you don't have to share that you're aromantic or anything you don't want to.

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If they are asking straight up to be your partner, then that would be harder(maybe lie and say you already have one), otherwise if they're just asking to go out with you say you have other plans, its the easiest way to reject someone. 

Of course if you're okay with being honest that you don't feel that way for them then you can say that too

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I have already kinda answered this question before, so ima just quote it.

On 2/3/2024 at 11:21 AM, N1GHTM4R3 said:

Some Aro ways to respond to "I love you"


Bro, I have literally never seen you in my life. Why are you telling me this.

Well, you've made a mistake there, my friend.

Good for you. I guess.


Okie dokie! Now get away from me.




Alright. See ya never.

Hey, wanna see a magic trick? Poof! You've been rejected.


+ these --> Alternate responses to I love you : r/aromantic


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