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What's the point of a relationship if you don't feel feelings of love?

jesus dario


I have a question, I am aromantic and I do not experience a romantic connection with anyone and I really People always ask the bride or groom where they are? Really I don't know what to say but why or what is the point of a relationship if I don't feel anything romantic for someone in the past there were certain signs where I could be aromantic when I was a child there were signs where I could be aromantic I don't know who to say if to have a girlfriend or boyfriend you have to be in love or fall in love I am aromantic I don't feel any feeling of romantic love

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as a fellow aroace I’ll try to answer but i may* be wrong 

to actually answer your question i think relationships would be nice to get that connected feeling as i can definitely relate to being cast out or as a third wheel as an aro individual. 

there’s relationships called QPR’s - queer platonic relationships! I want a relationship but just not sexual or romantic so i think this is pretty neat! Here’s a bit from the Wikipedia article on QPRs

The term originates in the aromantic and asexual communities,[4][6] and it was largely restricted to these spaces in the 2010s. The Huffington Postdescribed it in 2014 as a "new label" coming from the same place as "aromantic" and "demisexual",[10] the College of William & Mary's neologism dictionary observed in 2016 that it was only used in aromantic and asexual spaces,[4] and Zach Schudson and Sari van Anders characterised it in 2019 as one of several "emergent gender and sexual identity discourses" appearing on LGBT social networking sites.[11


:) xoxo



*i probably am

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