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might be in love with my best friend?

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I've considered myself aro for a while now, and have even told some of my close friends. the problem being, that maybe I'm not? my best friend who've I've been incredibly close to for years now, just feels special to me in a way that is different. of course I love her as a friend, but I've begun to wonder if it's more than that. I don't think I would mind calling her or considering her my girlfriend? but I'm not really sure if that's romantic attraction or just a result of being so close for so long. I've dated before but ended it because the person just did not feel right, and I assumed I was aro because I couldn't even see anyone as anything more than a best friend. I'm not sure how I feel with her, it's all so confusing. I've already told her I'm aro too so that much further complicates things.... if you have any advice then talk away!! I am at a total loss 

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Maybe try looking into microlabels, this site has a great list of those! Aromantic doesn't just mean "You feel no romantic attraction ever", it's an umbrella term for lots of different kinds of feelings. 

Things like demiromantic (You only feel romantic attraction if you are VERY close to someone), cupioromantic (You don't feel romantic attraction, but you don't mind romantic-like relationships) or lithromantic (You like romance in theory, but don't want to actually do anything romantic irl) could be at play here, for example. There are plenty more. 

And if you find a microlabel that fits you you don't even have to use it specifically, aromantic is still an imbrella term, so it's okay to still use that. 

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