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I became aromantic


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Okay,I'm not sure about a lot of things in my life 

I don't know if I'm asexual or not 

But I do know I'm aromantic

What I don't know about being aromantic is how it happened I had 3 or 4 crushes as a kid but two stick out K and S

K was when I was in like 2nd grade and I got over it pretty fast and I moved 

But I was stuck in S till I was like 9 before switching tracks to a friendly enemy relationship (I may have talked about) 


Anyway around 9 it stopped

I no longer had crushes 

That's also when I started early puberty

So Im not sure how that happened 


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It's completely normal to change sexuality/romantic attraction, which usually happens during puberty because that is when your sexuality and romantic interests are truly developping and your hormones are going bonkers. So no need to doubt yourself because of it!

I am very confident about being a romance-neutral to repulsed aromantic, but I actually wasn't always one either. I did have one crush at the age of 14. I presume I started being aromantic from the age of 14-15, it's hard to guess exactly.  

Also I'm unsure if such a young kid is even capable of feeling "real" romantic attraction. Our emotions are, in the end, just hormones and brain juice and I doubt a little that kids have the ones responsible for romantic attraction at such a young age tbh. I'm nowhere near a professional though, don't take my word for it. It's not unlikely that those crushes could have just been you liking or being attached to a particular person and interpreting it as something romantic. 

Just a few suggestions, ofc you know best!

I can just totally recommend you not to doubt your aromanticism just because of having crushes early in your life. This thought process caused me to refuse the possibility of me being aromantic for years when it was true all along pfft.

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