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hello hello!!! :D


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aaaa hello!! I just wanna start this off by saying I am SOOO HAPPY I found this site!! I stumbled upon it during my daily internet deep dive of random topics.

Anyways, hi I'm a teen that is constantly surrounded by the weight of the romance world. I would label myself as either aromantic or demiromantic, I'm still trying to figure that out and have been in that state of questioning for the past 2 years. I've given up so many times.

I guess I always kind of felt different but for many reasons, romance was just another one and I didn't pay it any mind. Now that I'm older and seeing how obsessed with romance everyone is, I feel very lost and confused. I would like to mention though that the book Loveless by Alice Oseman is amazing and it did help me begin accepting myself in that light. I'm still upset that I live this way and I can never fall in love but I'm trying to accept it. It takes time.

Other than questioning myself, I enjoy doing many things in my free time. I read a lot of queer novels and make a lot of kandi. I think a funny thing I do in my free time is consume media with romance. I just love seeing romance in shows, books, and games but I can't stand hearing about it irl. It's just a funky thing I do.

Anyways yeah signing off! Again I'm super happy to be here and hope to make connections with a lot of the people here.

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