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This is kind of just a little ramble where I’m confused about my feelings the whole time lol

I really want to be close to someone. I really, really want to. It feels like I just want a best friend that I can be physically affectionate with (not sexually really, just like a peck on the lips/cheek/forehead, holding hands, cuddling, and hugs) But I’m not really sure if that means I want a QPR? I don’t really have any other things I want other than affection and for the person to also be on the aroace spectrum. I don’t care about exclusivity or living together or any other things that I’ve seen others have in QPRs. I just don’t freaking know if I want to label this desire for connection as wanting a QPR or if this is something else?? Plus, I’ve also had friends offer to kiss me on the cheek… which makes me happy!! but also makes me wonder if I really do want a QPR or just more friends like that 😭

Being aroace but loving physical affection is so confusing sometimes 😭😭

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Anything is a QPR if you want it to be.

What I mean is, it's just a label that simplifies complex human emotions. If you think what you want should be called a QPR, then call it that. On the other hand, if you prefer to just think of it as a friendship with added smooching, call it that. In the end, it doesn't really matter that much.

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