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Aromantic Oddity, that's me!


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It makes perfect sense now. Not only am I asexual but also aromantic. In fact, I'd describe myself pretty much as a hermit. As someone on some autistic spectrum, I'm virtually impervious to any sort of societal pressure. Never had any desire to have friends, sex or romantic partners. 

I live just fine by myself. In fact, I thrive in loneliness. I do enjoy the company of animals, mostly because they're quiet and seem to be enough to comfort me when I'm sad. 

I guess I'm perfectly fine with being this alien oddity in this world. And, for some reason, it gives me a sense of inner peace. I'm content with who I am. Also, all my hobbies have always been solitary ones. I just simply don't crave people. 

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8 hours ago, Keith said:

I'm glad you figured it out!! May I ask which animals are your favourites?? Also, welcome on the forum!!

I love tortoises, hedgehogs and owls! But for living at home, cats are the coolest.


4 hours ago, hemogoblin said:

You don't have to use any label you aren't interested in, but I thought I'd throw out aplatonic for you as well. ^^ Welcome to the forum!

Yes, aplatonic may apply. Was unaware of it. Ty! 

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