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How to blend in with allo peopld


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Hii agian,

Well this is my first night in dorm, i share the flat with 5 other people. It's kinda scary but we all get along well. 

Well my problem starts when they start discussing romantic relationships. I dont know if i can pretend to be interested. But at the same time im not comfortable with coming out to any more people. 

I dont know what to do, they keep talking about it. At some point they're gonna realize i dont participate, right?

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You really shouldn't be trying to "blend in". It may be nice in the short term, but in the long term, your mental health and sense of self will suffer.

Instead, just keep talking about their relationships. Hype them up. Tease them if everyone is comfortable with it. They are your friends - take an interest in their lives. You don't have to relate or talk about yourself to be happy and engaged with a conversation.

Think about like a friend talking about a movie you didn't watch and have no interest in watching. You aren't interested in the movie, but you are interested in them and their happiness.

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Maybe you could just say you are focused on studies or smth? If they ask about it at least if they ask y'know? Maybe just try not to engage in those topics? Idk know if that helps sorry.

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