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Sex education season 4 spoilers


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Who watched season 4 of Sex education and what did you think of O ?


I have really mixed feelings about her. That are very tied to her coming out scene and how she is writtten in general. Cause I was so sure she was lying when she came out that it felt like a personal personal attack. When Otis asked her if she was lying to make him look bad she was like "that's a fucked up thing to say" but I thought the question was valid as anything we knew about the character so far made me think she was : she is manipulative, constantly turns tables or give unsollicited opinions on people's lives when they talk to her, she pretended to not know Ruby, and in the debate she used Otis's dad to make Otis look like he's sexist even if he is not, which can socially destroy him. So of course when the second after that she says "I ghosted people but that's OK I'm asexual, look how Otis is bad for forcing me to come out" (which she wasn't even forced to, she could have said the same without coming out), I thought she was just doing it to get out of the situation without being the bad guy. And even if it turns out that she is really asexual, her whole coming out scene is still her using her identity to justify shitty actions, and for some reason everybody applauded that. Like what ? Why ? Since when struggling with your identity is an excuse to ghost at least three people ??? I agree that all a-spec characters can't be saints, but come on. I expect that the few coming out scenes we have are not just a character instrumentalizing their identity to get away with things.


There is also the fact that the show never said the word aromantic even if O is using "asexual" to say "aroace". And they know the difference as in season 2, Jean explains to Clemence that she can be asexual and still fall in love (though still not using the word). Even if O is someone who identifies as just ace or non-SAM ace or another identity like that, so she doesn't label her romantic attraction... I think there should be a discussion about that as right now, the show just reinforces the misconception that aromanticism is just a subcategory of asexuality. Which is even woest considering the show is supposed to be educational.


But on the other hand, what O said to Otis in the elevator sounded very relatable. It is very accurate of how it can be to grow up as an aroace in an amatonormative society. I liked it. I'm also glad that we finally have an a-spec character who is a bit developped after Clemence and, according to his shirt, Aimes's boyfriend. That's why I got mixed feelings instead of only bad ones.


Did someone else watched the show? What are your thoughts?

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Oh I hate Otis too and I think he is completely in the wrong. Which is probably added to why I didn't like the coming out scene cause it makes me side with Otis when I really don't want to : O has all the reasons to hate him.

I'm good with O being human and flawed as all other characters. But I'm not a fan of how they framed it. For instance if before the coming out, they showed other things about her, it would not have made me think she was lying. I love what she says in the elevator things as well, it redeemed the character in my eyes which I thought was impossible (cause believe me, to top Otis as my least favorite character, you have to really screw up, I always had my doubts about it but he was particularly awful this season, claiming he is the only onz who can therapize people and using Ruby for his own gain), but if some of this things came before, I would actually believed her when she came out.

Also I disagree that she is not more manipulative than other characters. She is not more manipulative than Otis I think, but for the others... I don't think that I would have thought any other characters able to lie about their orientation to get away with things. And even though it turned out she weren't, the fact that I thiugh she could say sometjing about how they write her. I heard as well that they cut out a lot of things about her and I think it was a bad idea cause it would make her more nuanced.

I guess what I really hated about this scene is that it made O looks like she was lying to be redeem and that this is something that this is something that we always hear about a-spec people : that we are faking it for attention. 

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