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iii fell in love with my aroace friend aahh


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the title speaks for it self. I met them around 2-3 months back and i swear it was like love at first sight. I met them thru a friend and we became very close ever since, we just instantly hit it off. Having same the interests and stuff like that. We also once had a deep conversation abt falling inlove. Yeah it was interesting. They were talking about two characters relationship and mentioned that they wanted something like that and even said "me and who". I dont know if im just overreacting but the way they look at me is also just very different with how they look at with others and the way they also talk to me sjshskhd. They've mentioned a bunch of times their aroace but always seems to be interested in having relationships/being romantic w someone¿ Our friendship does mean the world to me and i really dont want to ruin it. I just need some advice as i am a lil gay teen 😭😭 theyre just really confusing me and giving slight mixed signals. THIS IS PROBABLY VERY CORNYY AND I'M SORRY ABT IT im just trying to learn more abt the aroace spectrum 😭

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A lot of aroace people blur the lines of platonic and romantic with friends because friends mean more to us seeing as we don't have a primary partnership the way that the culture presents it. This is important to keep in mind when thinking of how they interact with you. Some aroace people still do want romantic relationships, though. I think your best course of action is to just ask them if they are interested in romantic or sexual relationships even though they are aroace. If they say no, leave it be. If they say that they still want relationships like that then go ahead and tell them how you feel if you think it's the right thing to do. Ultimately it's your life and your relationships but I would for sure ask them if they even want that kind of thing before telling them. Just showing interest in romantic behaviors doesn't always equal wanting to be in a romantic relationship. Hope this helps!

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Yeah talk to them.  Aros aren't all the same and this forum can only give general advice.
I mean as a partnering aro. Communication is the most important. Also I'd like to note that fantasy and fiction =/= wanting the same thing in reality - a lot of aspec people like fantasies about fictional characters, celebrities, etc, because they're unattainable so it's not the same as wanting a relationship in real life. It can range from just finding a dynamic interesting but not wanting it at all to wanting a similar relationship.

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