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I like a guy?


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So I have been hanging out with this guy ever since the semester started.  We online-chatted over the summer, and we had one or two dinners together last school year.  He can't get a girlfriend, and has complained about that in the past.  However, he doesn't complain too much.  A lot of the girls at my school don't think he is very cute, but I do not think he is bad-looking at all.  I am pretty sure I'm not romantically attracted to him, but I could see myself in a relationship with him as long as I am allowed to be myself.  I don't want to kiss or have sex with him.  The question is, would it be fair to him to ask for a relationship under those conditions?  Could it ruin our friendship?  Could this cause drama, unnecessarily?  Should I start a relationship, without romantic attraction?  Should I propose a queerplatonic relationship?  Am I really ready for this?

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I don't really know what you should do since I have no experience but maybe casually bring up qprs and say you saw it on the internet or smth and see what he thinks of them? Idrk but maybe a variation of that? Hope that helped. :)

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