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I can’t believe it but I am (sort of) in a long distance relationship now?


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Since yesterday I (F27) am sort of in a long distance relationship. I say sort of because we will take it reaally slow. Maybe “relationship” in the not even the right term yet. I’ve been talking to this guy for a while now and yesterday he confessed that he liked me. I didn’t outright reject him but made clear that I didn’t really know what to feel. I know he likes me way more than I like him. I don’t even know if I like him in a romantic way? I really do want to like him though but I’m not even sure if I’m really capable of that since I barely ever feel attracted to anyone. However I know that we have a really good connection and we can talk for hours on the phone. It’s rather nice. I guess my normal reaction of feeling sick to the stomach is not really there because we are not able to meet right now. He said he’s fine with taking it really slow and  was very understanding in my struggles with relationships. He said that even if we eventually meet irl we’ll do nothing that makes me uncomfortable. He said for example just going to a nice place and sitting on a bench to talk would be perfect because he loves to listen to me talking. Even though it’s a bit scary, I really want to try this time and see how it goes. And he’s okay with that too, and that’s important to me because I never felt like I could do that without hurting the other person’s feelings: take it slow and see how it goes without any pressure, without having to be certain that I will come to like the person as much as they like me.

A few years ago I stumbled cross the term aromantic. I can relate to the stories on this site, yet also it never 100% fit. For years I felt like I was just floating around with no real answers. Everyone around me was getting into relationships or at least really wanted one. And I was like meh maybe one day it could be nice. But then someone showed interest and it felt like the end of the world to me. I just hope that him and I can make this work somehow.

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