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Question for aro-spec people


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I wonder a lot of things about myself that are total nonsense, so personally i wouldnt call that 'a sign'.

but maybe if this is something you are considering its worth at least looking into it a bit more, at the very least to answer the question 'why do i think this might fit me'.

could be worth asking yourself why you wonder if you are arospec, what about your history/what about your current life suggests that, then you can see if those ideas stack up with what you are reading.

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this is what I say to everyone, if you think you might me aromantic then just identify with it. Use the term, see how it feels, how it fits, like trying a new pair of shoes. chill around with us for a while, see if you feel at home around other aros. if it turns out you are not then that's fine, you had a moment of exploration. it's always better to explore and realise something is not for you than not take the chance to try on something that actually fits

as for the signs, I could give you a couple based on my experiences and the ones of others, but that is not gonna mean much. there are no signs, it's just us and a culture hyperfocused on romance, monogamy and heterosexuality, and now we have to find our place inside or outside it

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