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Hi everyone!

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I'm B and I recently realized I'm aromantic and like, really want a QPP at some point. Also I'm experiencing a crazy intense squish that I'm trying to make sense of and not screw up. So I've got that going for me. =p

About me:
I studied religion and philosophy in college, and a lot of my theological work has to do with nonviolence, PTSD recovery, and the environment. I'm also a writer and am currently writing a novel that centers around two asexual aromantic women and their relationship (copywriting and marketing is my day job). I've been married for two years, and my husband is totally supportive of me exploring my sexuality. My other interests are gaming, reading (sci fi is my favorite but I read a shit ton of non-fiction about theology and sexuality), music (I listen to literally everything, but Florence + The Machine is my absolute all time favorite, along with 80s new wave and goth), and getting into hours-long alcohol-fueled discussions about philosophy and spirituality. I'm also getting back into riding horses for the first time in years. 

I'm mostly here to watch and learn and get advice. I'm glad this place is here. =)

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