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Any allo people who feel the same?


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Is anyone here allo that doesn't like the idea of being kissed in anyway by anybody? Anyone not want to give affection if they date?

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I am not allo, but I assume that allosexuality and alloromanticism are just as wide of spectrums as asexuality and aromanticism.  Hopefully somebody else can confirm this with their own experiences, but to me, I would imagine that kissing appeals to every allo person differently, as does the amount of affection that they're comfortable with.  Kissing seems like just one way to act upon attraction, and I would nod along in understanding if an allo person drew the line there but was okay with other actions, even if they seem "more intensive" than kissing.  Types of affection probably aren't hierarchical, where one is more serious than another; in my view, they're more like an array of foods where you might like some types more than others.

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I mean just because you're allo/dating someone doesn't mean you have to do all the romantic things. It's all about setting boundaries and doing what feels good. I'm cool with a lot of things so I can't really think of any things I personally wouldn't want to do in a relationship, but someone may have different reasons for not wanting to do "typical" affectionate stuff. Maybe they just don't like the feeling of kissing or they're touch averse.

I agree with Ghostflower that there is not one allo experience just like there is not one aro or ace experience.

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