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Andrew Tate kind of sucks.


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Yes Andrew Tate is un ironically evil behind the memes of him I thoroughly enjoy. 

Sparkling water, breathe air, your broke! the way he talks is just stupid hilarious.


But there are some other memorable things from him.

His father Emory Tate was a chess wiz. 

This was a quote from Andrew’s father Emory Tate during an altercation where his father fought off 4 Mexicans in a gas station and when the police showed up they asked Emory what he does for a living after seeing the CCTV footage of the fight. He responded saying he was a chess player, the police said maybe he should be something else. Emory then pulled out that quote, one of the greatest quotes of all time.

”My unmatched perspicacity coupled with my sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.” 

The man is also surprisingly not transphobic? I mean he said he would rather have sex with a 8-9 ranking trans woman than a 6-4 biological female. I don’t care if theres a penis im having sex I believe those where his words. 

There is a reason he is popular. Young men are in a state of crisis right now and Tate is seen as this ultra rich masculine based giga rizzler. 

Part of the reason is terminally online left feminists blame men for everything wrong in this world. This stereotype gets perpetuated instead of men knowing the truth.

The patriarchy also affects men and Tate isn’t a rebel, he is defending the status quo. Tate is also evil plain and simple.

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dude i dont know how to fucking tell you this, this isnt a fresh take. This post was like saying "guys, winter is pretty cold". You want cringe culture? well this post is cringe compared to the shit u trash on

if you dont have something important to post, then dont post stupid shit

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welp guess im gone for 2 months or 1 month or 1 week or idk but enough that people will forget when i calelde dwesfnwefw fnwejf :f: A?W Jdf/A:OFLJawc Crignafrbwqafi awbfcringeafwnawfiawncringegwcreingewgwgggggg..........................................

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