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Attraction has nothing to do with Orientation


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Personally I think attraction is the key point that someone's orientation is based off of, then what is added after that is a personal preference/want/desire that the person has.

I've heard people argue that someone's orientation can't be based on attraction alone...even had people go a step further & say that attraction has nothing to do with it. That it's all about their desire.


what do you guys think?

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I think that for a person who looks into themselves when considering emotion and feelings, attraction is the most common way it makes sense, but for a person who looks to others when asking what they want, desire is more common. I think that in sum, both are meaningful to everyone at least partially, even if they prefer one or the other.


also, it is more easy to describe a desire than attraction. 


also, I count desire as a form of attraction, and feel that attraction "covers" desire already. lol... 


i've only heard either attraction or desire brought up as relevant towards orientation. well unless you count action/choice, but that's kind of laughable. anyone could choose to do anything, even if that's against their natural inclination. 

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