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Telling people you love them…


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Hello all. Posting because I want to see if others can relate. Before I could articulate I was aro I created problems for myself by telling people I love them. I didn’t realize how I was coming off because I don’t know what it’s like to say I love you in a romantic sense. I love a LOT. So much it is painful...and I like to express that affection to others so they understand what they mean to me. It wasn’t until two of my friends told me their husbands were accusing them of cheating on them with me that I started to learn I can’t genuinely express my affection to most people without being misinterpreted. It doesn’t feel good to not be able to tell people what they mean to me :( has this happened to anybody else?

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With most of my alloro friends, whenever I say "I love you" they know I mean it platonically, but there were occasions where a friend of mine got jealous of me being affectionate in my own way towards someone they had a crush on (their crush also being a friend of mine), which - like, jealousy is a normal emotional reaction, just as long as you don't let it overwhelm you, but it still sucked how I had to accommodate around a person's jealousy, especially when I also cared for said jealous person and couldn't state how much I cared about certain people around them very often.

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