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Inspirational Quotes

Ollie Declan

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I'm thinking of doing a thing, but first I need your favourite (one or more) inspirational quote/s. I'm thinking of putting them all in my locker at school, because that's the place I need the most inspiration.


The quote can be your own or from somewhere else, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's inspirational, it goes.


What an unorganized post,


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First a quote from me:


Keep other’s secrets as though they were their most prized possessions: you wouldn’t spend their money without permission, after all.

Second, a quote from a friend:


Leave the places you go and the people you see better than when you found them.

And third, a quote from history (the nineteenth century clergyman, Charles Spurgeon):


By perseverance the snail reached the ark

My interpretation of that is that if we keep moving in the right direction, we can eventually reach our goal. For example, last year I was involved with creating a section of Chesterfield canal (specifically a lock and a short section downstream). The plan was to open the section to the public roughly a year later for a festival. The work (such as laying heavy blocks) was backbreaking, yet the section opened last week. It just goes to show that hard work and persistence by a few people can make the difference in a project failing or succeeding. Also, one of the team members was 73 at the time we did the work, yet he did everything the 18 year olds did. The only difference is he did it without complaint.

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Some of these are inspirational and some aren't, but I like all of these.


Sassy: I'm here to be an act not a role model

Inspirational: if you're fighting monsters, you're going in the right direction (I love this because is meaningful and not sappy)

My year book quote: Don't judge others based on things they can't change... apart from bigotry.

Sassy: everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that's great that we're not all the same; but you're just wrong OK you're completely wrong.

Deep: the value of a life is everything it could do but has not yet done so don't narrow your scope.

And finally: "The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal,"

-Banksy (definitely not Picasso)

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