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Hello :)


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Hey everyone :) I’m Dmitri (or Dimi). I’m 28, I use he/him and I’m aromantic. I primarily feel platonic and aesthetic attraction, but the strongest and most consistent attraction I feel is alterous, which is my relationship with my husband. I love him so much. 

I’m polyplatonic, demiandrosensual and generally aesthetic. I’m really happy to be here, since I only found out I’m aro last week :’) I had no idea there were so many words that perfectly describe how I’ve been feeling my entire life! Thanks for having me :)

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1 hour ago, Lovebird said:

Welcome! I see you're into astrology stuff too, I'm a virgo sun, libra moon and aquarius rising :)

Oh, nice! I get along well with Earth and Air signs! If you want, you could dm me your chart, I’d love to look, and I can send mine as well :)

10 hours ago, Isa1116 said:

Heyo! I'm Isa and it's nice to meet you. Hope you have a good time here! :)

Thank you so much! It’s nice to meet you too, Isa! This is a very welcoming space and the first online place I’ve seen be this warm and accepting towards new people :)


10 hours ago, SwiftySpeedy said:

Hi I'm pretty sure you'll like it here.

Thank you! I love it already :)

11 hours ago, HelloThere said:

Glad to have you here! :D

Thank you so much, I’m glad to be here!

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