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My mom might be more accepting than I think. XD


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So earlier this Sunday my mom and some friends we had over were just talking (I was in the conversation as well) and the conversation shifted to our futures and mom said that she wanted me to grow up, marry, get a job, and have kids. I told her that I wasn’t gonna have kids (I left out marriage) and then she says “ok then puppy kids!” And it just made me laugh because at least not having kids isn’t a requirement in her eyes. Or maybe she was just for the sake of the conversation letting that go but you never know. That may mean that the main reason mom would want me to marry is because I’d be lonely, not because she’s expecting grandkids from me. (I am 1 of 3 kids so she’s just ask the others. XD)

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16 minutes ago, LeGens said:

You are lucky! I have a sister, but my mother still says that she wants children from the both of us, and it's really not in my plans...

I mean to be honest with overpopulation concerns I have plenty more reasons not to have kids. I can only really see me being a parent as a misguided step in life.

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