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Why do people have to have crushes on me


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There's this kid who I know has had a crush on me for at least 7 years now. We went to the same elementary school, but although we go to the same high school, we've never had any classes together, so at most we wave at each other in the hallway, and he texts me once in a while but not much. So I had kinda assumed (and hoped) that he'd gotten over me. But recently, he went on a school trip which several of my friends were also on, and he ended up hanging out with my friends a bunch. And apparently he would aaaaaalways talk about me and ask if I liked him and stuff like that. So my friends actually told him that I was aroace (which I'm fine with) because he kept saying stuff like this. And now he's trying to get over me by like meeting with me and talking it through and stuff. So he asked to meet, but the thing is, I don't really want to meet??? Like for some reason, it's really hard for me to talk about my sexuality, and to reject someone in person. It's just way easier to articulate my feelings and such in text. I just feel bad for basically telling him I don't want to meet up with him even though he's trying to get over me (I think that he's also been talking with one of my friends and she's helping with this because they got really close over the school trip). I guess I'm not really asking for advice or anything, I just wanted to share this story. I understand his perspective and obviously he can't choose who he has a crush on, it's just kind of annoying to me that it's been going on for so long and it kinda makes things awkward between us. Plus, it's kind of creepy that he KEEPS talking about me to my friends.


On another note, I came out to one of my friends because I was explaining the above situation to her, and she came out to me as gray-ace! Always exciting to meet another a-spec person! (plus, I technically identify as grayromantic and I've never met another person who identifies as gray- anything in person, so it was kinda nice to talk to someone who already knew what my sexuality meant and such.)

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Huh, I don’t know what to do in that situation and I’m not here to advise but I can say, I (sorta) feel you. I mean no one was obsessing over me (I don’t see why someone would, I mean have they even met me?) but there was this one time that someone had tried INCESSANTLY to get my phone number, I mean she stopped after that hour but I think she may still have a crush. I guess the closest thing to advice is that if you don’t want to meet with this person, that’s perfectly fine. I can relate when it comes to having a hard time articulating emotions outside of text. And yes, it’s just very creepy in general from how it sounds. I mean it’s not your responsibility how this person feels but if you want some closure to just get it over with and be done, then sure that’s a good idea I guess. 

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