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Im new here what is this forum like.

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I wound up discovering this forum on accident out of pure boredom and it seems pretty nice, So I decided to join. I'm asexual and aromantic (or Aroace to be short) hopefully this place is pretty nice. So hi 😅. Oh and some backstory I learned I was Aroace from jaidenanimations video from when she came out.

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It’s pretty nice. Welcome! :D 

I can’t even tell you how much of a comfort video Jaidenanimations coming out video is. XD

I SORTA figured it out, she introduced me to the topic so when I started educating myself in the LGBTQ spectrum I remembered her talking about being aroace and then decided to look around, next thing I know I’m 90% sure I’m aromantic and asexual (aegosexual).

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This forum is nice. It's not super active but I usually check in at least a few times a week to read and comment on new posts. If you have any kind of aro thoughts you want input on this is the place. There's also a lot of posts about culture, like aromantic headcannons.

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