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Living with a couple as a romance-repulsed aro

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So, at the beginning of the summer, my apartment started out with me, two friends, and two other friends who are dating each other. Now, it's just me and the two friends who are dating, and it's super awkward, because they're one of the most PDA-y couples I've ever come across in my life. At any particular moment, there's at least a 50% chance that one of them is kissing the other, even if that particular moment is literally in the middle of a conversation that I'm having with one of them. One of them has a kitten, and for a while the kitten was staying in my bathroom so that she could get acclimated to living with people, and as a result I would often have to wait at least an hour for a shower because my other two roommates insist on showering *together* so it takes twice as long, even though we only had one available bathroom at that point. Every night, they have their coupley time where even if we're all in the middle of something else that involves interacting with each other, one of them will suddenly say to the other "hey, want to go watch <random TV show or movie>?" and they'll disappear off together to do what I understand the term "Netflix and chill" to refer to. In short, I am the third-wheelingest third wheel ever to third wheel right now, and they're the only other people in my apartment so it's even worse because I don't even have anybody else to spend time with right now (I work until fairly late and none of my other friends are both 1. nearly as nocturnal as I am, and 2. in town at the moment). 


My strategy so far has been to either attempt to exist in the same room and fight my romance repulsion kicking in when they kiss every 5 minutes, or just kind of hide in my room and be antisocial. I haven't talked to them about it because I don't feel like it's my place to tell them how to act in their relationship. Has anybody else here been in a similar situation and figured out a solution that's not antisocial, squick-inducing, or overbearing/intrusive? Or am I just destined to spend the next 5 weeks (that's how long it is until I can move back into my dorm) being a hermit? 

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I think you need to don the hermit clothes. Sorry. :(


I think talking to them should at least help a little bit. It's understandable that you don't want to see them frenching each other at the drop of a hat and I think they will take it well. Maybe you can work out a compromise. If they feel the urge to start making out, they should give you a warning. Every other time, you can flee the scene to your room and every other time they take it back to their room.


I'm not sure that you need to go into much more detail than that. Just say you don't want to see them kissing.

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This is just one of those situations when no matter what you say, they will take it the wrong way. They will just team up on you or start to fight each other or they will try to pair you up so you have your own person to be all over.... Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems to be the honeymoon part of the relationship when they are just so so into each other that each other's presence just overrules everything everyone else. Give them space, and if they are making you uncomfortable perhaps prompt them to get a room. Leave the house more, try a new hobby, Skype your friends etc.-_- This stage of the relationship lasts for about 2 to 5 years, so they will continue the PDA.

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