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I was talking with my parents about how Wednesday (in the show) is not a character who would fall in love and it felt forced when they gave her TWO love interests. They kept saying things like “But then she grew up” and “well she can’t be the same person for the whole show” HER FRIENDSHIP WITH ENID WAS A PRETTY BIG CHARACTER CHANGE AND IT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE and they asked me why I’m so “averse to romance” even though I TOLD them I’m aro. I don’t know if they forgot? And then they said like “it’s ok if you don’t want to be in love” so I don’t really know

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Funny cause I find her friendship with Enid a lot more forced than her romance with Tyler (I don't count the one with Xavier as romance as it is just him flirting with her and her rejecting him; but if they date in later seasons, that will be forced).

However I don't like that people and even the show read this as "character development". Even the friendship with Enid. I think the show sometimes confused "loving and caring for people differently" with "being aromantic and aplatonic", so people who are aro and apl recognize themselves in her and then get confused when the erasure of their identity is presented as development.

It is also annoying when people assume relationships are the only way to have character development.

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