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hai, my name's Hugo.

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I am not the most excellent at intros. But hai! My name is Hugo and my pronouns are he/they. For more info, visit my profile if you would like.

I am having an aromantic freak-out crisis, but it has gotten a bit better since I came to this forum and affirmed my identity. Even though it's hard when we live in an amatonormative world. (And it sucks that the word isn't an official word in Grammarly.)

I know for sure that I am aromantic. The past two relationships that I have been in did not work out. There was a perpetual sense of wrongness about it. Not like there was anything wrong with romantic relationships, but with ME being in being in a romantic relationship. I felt like I was faking it. That was a major sign that I was aromantic. I didn't really understand that until I read Loveless by Alice Oseman (who is also an aroace author), and that book helped me figure out a lot of stuff regarding my aromantic identity. Another example is me just never understanding what a crush felt like. I have tried to familiarize myself with all the different types of attraction, and one I still never get is romantic attraction. And you know how some ppl just KNOW when they have a crush on someone? Well, I am not like that. Another sign. And I have always felt like when someone tells me romantic stuff, I don't really want to hear it. (That sounds strange considering I love romantic stories, just in media.) Another sign was liking the IDEA of characters being in a relationship, but the reality of ME being in one would never make me happy. I don't know if I like to imagine myself in a relationship. I wonder that sometimes, but I think it's just me imagining myself in a QPR or a close emotional/platonic bond with someone else.

There are a lot more signs I could cover, but I don't want to overwhelm the reader

In regard to where I fall on the aromantic spectrum? I would say 100 percent aromantic, Never experienced romantic attraction ever. Even though I do enjoy romantic plots and stuff, I don't see them as pleasant. I see them as almost magical.

Do any of you have any signs you would like to share in regard to being aromantic?

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3 hours ago, frittatacrisis said:

if you wouldn't mind, perhaps we could do a private message chat and just talk about signs and experiences or things that were obviously signs in retrospect that we may have overlooked :)

5 hours ago, BasicallyEmoPotato said:

sure :) I dont mind at all :)

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