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Sex-averse aroallos?


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Hullo! I'm aroallo but sex-averse and wondering if I'm the only one 😅 Constantly feeling not sexual enough for the allos and too sexual for the aces. Add in that sex-averse allosexuals seems to only pop up as an occasional theoretical in ace discussions, and uh. Feeling very alone. Still struggling to figure out where I fit in, or how to find a relationship type that works for me.

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No, you're not the only one.

Rant: I think "theoretical" is often too kind since usually what I see is erasure, or patronizing stereotypes about how we need to "get over" our own boundaries.

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Since you're aromantic, you're always welcome on Arocalypse! Also, I must say, as an aromantic asexual, that I appreciate you because you recognize that aromanticism + sex-repulsion isn't the same thing as asexuality. Lately, I've seen many people mistaking "experiencing sexual attraction but being sex-repulsed" as asexuality, and it drives me crazy. You have no idea how glad I am to see that people are still able to recognize that.

Side-note: Not that I've had sex before, but I'm simply saying that asexuality is more than not wanting sex and people don't seem to realize that nowadays. (Kind of like how aromanticism is more than not wanting romance, but people don't understand that either.)

Anyway, welcome!

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