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Im a young teen 

I'm aromantic and asexual

Also bellusromantic 

I have 2 siblins neither of which I like M10 and F11  that's what il call them 

Im closeted to get everyone except 1.the internet

2.My cousin F15 

3.My other cousin F14 

4.my school friends

I choose to remain mostly unknown Incase my parents start looking through this form for any reason or somehow figure out

I'm a normal human being for the most part 

I like drawing animating that sorta thing 

Im secretly like kinda bigoted but not purposefully it's just what society's smashed into my head I'm working on it and I won't treat you differently based on you sexuality gender or race 


For more clarification on the bigot thing it doesn't apply to race and Its more like I think some genders and identitys are silly and I'm working on it 










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