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think that I'm graysexual


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You can be an aro grayace attracted to girls. Those are all very good things to be thinking about! Getting less confused will probably be a labor of time to allow yourself to explore your feelings and decide on where you want to go from here. Reading a bit more about these identities might help. You could browse around some of the other forum threads a bit. You might check out the Carnival of Aros. And AUREA is an excellent resource. This is my favorite piece on gray-asexuality.

There's no quick and easy test here. You can't input your feelings into a machine that spits out the answer. Life is a journey of trying to understand ourselves, and that usually takes time, introspection, and having experiences (even making mistakes!). Maybe if you could articulate some of your questions that would both help you sort out your thoughts and give us things we can talk about and share experiences about. =)

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