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so i have many names that i would be fine being used for me, but my main two names are Elijah and Cody.

my whole list of names is

  • Elijah
  • Cody
  • Micheal
  • Sal
  • Vincent
  • (the list will probably get more names in the future)

is it ok for me to use multiple names? and if so how could i introduce myself in a way that allows others to know all the names they could use for me?

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I think, that if you’re using multiple names, it’s totally fine as long as you orient them. Like let people know what name you want to be called at what time, so they don’t offend you. And I also think you have to have some grace with other people and the confusion they’ll probably face. 

But all in all, if you want to use multiple names regardless if they’re gender orientated, go right ahead bro. No one’s gonna stop you. 

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It's OK to have multiple names. If that helps, there is a student in my school who goes by a name invthe school or other "formal" situations, and by another name with his friends. He just communicates it and we do as he asked.

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i get called by many names (mostly nicknames and plaitonic pet names), so you do you ^^ 

if you like being called by those specific names than i respect that ^^

but the names I wouldnt mind being called would be: Ebony or Reece. Im fine with both, Ebony is a name that i just like, while Reece is a slight nickname that i went by with one of my teachers since my actual name was hard to pronounce. then again i would also by Luna or Nyx too, because they mean moon and night respectively.

though I dont have a standard on what I get called and when.

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