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Hello everyone! I am a young adult nonbinary demisexual that is probably idemromantic. Doesn't really feel right to say the last part yet as I only learned the word idemromantic a few days ago after looking it up from a post on this site.

Been questioning my romantic orientation for a couple years now, and had settled on probably quoiro as I couldn't figure out why a romantic partner was different than a good friend. Looking back on the times I tried dating with this lense makes a lot more sense.

For things I like, I have been watching Detective Conan a lot lately. My family watched a lot of anime and had a lot of manga due to our public library and a nearby bookstore, which then turned into increased availability online and expanded to Korean and Chinese comics as well. I also like video games, even if I'm not very good. I like the filling of my head games has when paired with podcasts or music, although in general the music makes me feel better. Mostly punkrock, metal, outlaw country, and folk, but I have some electronic and classical.

I will probably end up lurking a lot, but this site has a vibe that makes me a little more comfortable than most forums I have looked at so we'll see.


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