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i've never done anything like this before


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hi! i'm celeste! over the past couple months i've figured out a lot of things, including my gender and orientation. i'm asexual and demiromantic! i always thought that sexual attraction was a given, and that when people were... experiencing it, they were joking. by browsing the internet, i realized... they weren't. i also generally regarded romantic attraction with a bit of scepticism, as i had only ever experienced it after getting to know a person really well. i also generally thought people were joking when they were talking about "love at first sight." how could that be? 

well, as evidenced by me being on this forum, i'm demiromantic. nobody in real life even knows what that is, and when i tell them? "oh, you're just being needy." and when i say i'm asexual? "you'll mature! everyone moves at a different pace! you just haven't met the right person yet! :)" 

talking to people in real life hasn't worked. so now i'm here! that's my introduction lol. byeeeee celeste out!

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