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Idk what I am


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I'm new to this site so if this is in the wrong place, sorry about that

I've had a single crush, but on a stranger who I didn't even know the name of. I think it was aesthetic attraction? I have no idea. I later got to know them by name (but never spoke to them) and now I kinda just blush around them (we go to the same school), but at free time I never think about them, maybe very very briefly sometimes. I never wanted a relationship with them either.

I consider myself to be aromantic because I'm not sure what it (the label) actually could be?

I've never fallen in love and don't want to. I haven't dated and don't want to. I don't want to have romantic feeling. I'm happy being single even though people bother me about it. The only thing I can say I love is my cat. 

i think I could be omniaromantic but I also think I could be in a qpr (queer platonic relationship) if it was just a platonic thing with extra hugs included, and not with a man/masculine person, if that makes sense. 

That's all for now

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To be honest you seem to be in a good place.

The way I tend to think about it is that it is more useful to work out how you want to live your life, having some direction to aim towards, than sorting out the labels. If it helps you out sure, think it over and see what fits you but actually if you have a good idea of what sort of relationships you would be comfortable with and what you wouldnt that is really useful.

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FWIW I've experienced attraction similar to what you described and I call myself aromantic. The big thing was that it wasn't very important to me (like you said, the attraction was kinda vague, it didn't consume my thoughts, I didn't feel the need to pursue a romantic relationship, etc.) This is also something that I experience very rarely.

You can also use "aromantic" as an umbrella term for the aromantic spectrum if you like.

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