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Happy New Year, everyone!

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It's so good to be here. I can't wait to listen to you, each and every one of you.

Evidence has supported me being aromantic asexual for a decade now. I often didn’t listen to this or to my instincts about it, especially before and throughout three relationships. Yet as our rep grows around us, and as we pop up everywhere, this representation may aid us to trust ourselves a little more. With more questions than answers, I cannot wait for this.

I’d like to be as open as possible to other possibilities. “If the fact will not fit the theory - let the theory go” (Agatha Christie). I hope to live this too.

As for now, aegoromanticism relaxes me, and gives me that ‘rush of recognition’ feeling. Fellow aegos, may I have the first (group!) dance?

Learning more about the science of aromanticism would be wonderful. Philosophy, especially ethics, OSTs and classical music, learning Italian (currently an A1/A2 beginner) and so much of life and thought fascinates me. Let's learn lots and grow together, besties-to-be. 

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